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Okay~ Here's an AGI/STR version of the one i posted Probably gonna list the skills that i have here :s

Firstly as an AGI type i recommend using 2hand spears~

Fencer Skill build:
Increase Max HP Max
Increase Max SP Max
Spear Mastery Max
Increase Spear Accuracy Max
Increase Defense Max

High Guard Max
Wrist Blow Max (For Stunning people in PVP :P)
Spear Delay Cancel Max (Your Main purpose of Being STR/AGI)

Those are basically what you would want as an Agi/Str Build
For Extra
For extra points you just probably pick from the one i listed at VIT/STR build XD

Now as a Knight:
Two Handed Spear Mastery Max
Double Thrust Max ( Your not an agi build without this =x )
Spear Intercept Max (Now this should be extremely Useful especially at bossing)
Divine Spear Max ( I already told you how awesome this is at the other guide XD)
Synergy Force Max (Increases your Attack power when your in a party)
Spear Cyclone Max (Your best skill. Probably better than DS's job 50 skill)

^ That build goes up to job 50 knight XD but its up to you if you wanna change early~ but i recommend at least getting Divine Spear first :3

DS Skills:
Dark Weapon Max
Shadow Worshipper Max
Bloody Brand Max
Life Steal Max

^ Thats the skills i took for my DS and since were only at Saga 5 i cant tell or test the other skills beyond that XD

As for a Starter Stat Build for Agi/Str
I would say. I Only PUT a decent amount of Agi at the start Enough to make me Attack fast enough, Because i didnt like seeing Small damage even if i attack fast =x but its up to you.

50/50 Fencer Stat:
If i remember my stats were like this.
Str 58+10
Dex 20+9
Int 3+2
Vit 12+9
Agi 46+8
Mag 3+1

I left my Agi at that number till i got About 80 Str then Started on adding points to it XD
Since you can make your Attack Speed faster by Doing The marrionette Trick
Simply Use Spear Delay Cancel then keep Pressing the Marrionette button while you attack~

Also if your Curious My Stats at lvl 90 atm is like this
Str 92+14 ( Wearing a Tiger mask it adds +3 str)
Dex 30+13
Int 3+2
Vit 41+22
Agi 81+9
Mag 8+6

Well you can use that as a reference if you want ~ Im a Knight btw if you wanted to know. I wanna get my Spear Cyclone first since im staying as a Dark Stalker permanently.

Hope that helped :3

I wonder if i should make a proper guide about knights /shot

Edit: Sorry for the double post orz.