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CRAP! With just a tiny bit good stuff!
The good stuff? The relationship with my bf..
The bad stuff? His dad not wanting me and ranting to my bf over and over and over and over again and forcing my bf to break up with him. The reasons he doesn't like our relationship? One I'm not a christian and two he wants his son to concentrate on his education. While he's doing just 6 months of school to get to know what he wants to study! He has to do a lot for school, but it isn't hard and I have to do a lot for school too! Really, the only problems I have because of our relationship is his dad seeing me as the daughter of the devil! Seriously, school is fine for me and for my bf, I don't have ANY problems with it during our relationship. Now because my bf's dad got my bf to tears I had AGAIN a terrible night of sleep and now again I won't be able to concentrate on school.
Please, I don't want that bad things happen to that dad, but I just want him to stop! So I'm begging that something happens so that he can't contact my bf anymore. Seeing as he isn't living with his dad right now because of the education. Really, his internet + phone must fail for the next 4 years or so, so that we can have peace Oh and for the people that think that my bf can just break with his dad.. he can't.. He's just 17 and living on your own on that age is impossible (financial wise), but it can't get worse because his dad isn't paying the schools already! **** THIS SHIT
Next to that school is quite stressful too atm.

(Sorry that it turned in a rant, but yeah, this ís my 2010..)

Thank you so much k0n <3