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11. If you get a Selection Box that you can obtain in the special boxes (secret vial of Amnesia, Scroll of Life’s Blessing, Secret Vial of Potential, Scroll of resurrection, Ancient Skill book for merc, this are some of the box where in you got to choose what to get. If ever you accidentally open the box that has the option to choose the item or if you still can't decide what to get, then just move the box from a different slot then choose anything from the choices then no items will be obtain and no box is consumed.

12. For the items you must sell it in any city with a tax rate of 1% only. Same also if you want to withdraw and deposit an Atlantica gold, again Rome is the best city with only 1%.

13. If it happens that you don’t want to have a mentor and you want to know something, use the Chat box, there’s a chat for the Location, Nation, Guild and Peers. Once you click any of the buttons you can say whatever you want in the chat and other players on the particular categories can read your message. If you want to ask some information about the game other players can help you.

14. Don’t leave you character in the center of the town where the monsters are being spawned during the Monster invasion event. Every month there’s an event for Atlantians, and the usual event would be the monster invasion, if you want to leave your character AFK don’t leave it to the town during weekends because it may die during the monster invasion. You might lose gold from dying.

15. Always keep you gold in the bank. With regards to losing gold, don’t let your character with much gold when you are doing quest or just grinding. When you die 10% of your gold will be lost.

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