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IGN: Dizzy42
Class: Sorcerer lt_sorcerer
Level: Dizzy42
Guild: Atziluth

In Game Nickname: DizzyXD
Character(s) and Level(s): At the moment umm Ice Mage(21) Taekwon Master(11) Space Trooper(16) Grim Reaper(15) anything else has expired and is at various levels but my main is ice xD
Contact Info:
Other: Im usually on daily unless im like overloaded with homework (usually procrastinate and do some of it while playing xD) but im on daily usually do a few faction battles to entertain myself School comes before games so i try to be active when i can xD (usually everyday unless im exhausted or something like i said lol) my connection varies really sometimes its really good sometimes its really bad usually it stays around 3 bars or so XD