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Read the Guild Rules: yes
Character IGN: Raisan
Character Job/Class:Explorer>Gunslinger(Soon)
Character Level:54(Ill be 80 soon!)
Activeness: Depends on homework and what I need to do that day. But overall weekends All Day, and I leave my self logged in afk.
Main Character: Yes
If you were in another guild, reason for leaving that guild is:It wasn't as active as I'd like it to be and it showed No signs of improvement.

Real Name: Robert, G.
Nationality/Ethnic: Hispanic
Location:San Diego, CA
Time Zone: PST
What you do for a living: I'm currently attending high school as a senior and will be graduating at the end of the semester.
Type of music you enjoy: Jrock, Rock, Jazz, and pretty much any type of music.
Microphone: Yes
Ex guild and the reason you left:Well I'm still searching for that one guild I feel thats active. The only I keep coming along with is inactive guilds and people striving to create new guild. I'm not someone who personally likes to jump guilds I just want to find that one for me.
Reason You Want To Join Royalty: Well I've looked at this thread a bunch of times and been constantly pushing my self to level to 80 so I can join this guild. Earlier today I came across Erisior and he told me to apply anyways it wouldn't hurt so I'm taking his advice and puting out there. But the overall reason for me wanting to join is to get in to latale and find that guild I can have good times with.