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Originally Posted by MintyVampire

----Thanks for the thread by the way. Your way of conditioning skin does help! Except now my conditioner always runs out before my shampoo >__>

Edit: Oh, I have a question >__>
For conditioning your hair, why does some people suggest only condition the hair below your ears? Well, I've heard that for people who have very oily hair if they apply conditioner above their ear, it would make their hair even more oily?
Is this true?
Note on the running out before shampoo, Thats why I said put up a cheap bottle for the soak method, you don't wanna use the one you use for your hair.

Also, No this isnt true. People who state that probably don't clean their hair well enough that the oils that are produced are still on the hair when they apply conditioner, that after a day the hair seems even oilier. If you have REALLY Oily hair I suggest that you do the double wash method, then apply conditioner but be scare with it on your scalp, cus some people wash their hair and for get it seeps to the scalp and forget to wash that area really good. And if the problem keeps going on ( Which sometimes I have) Use Premixed Shampoo & Conditioners. That cuts applying conditioners to your hair out.
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