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lol, i wonder if i still have an account at boajjang.

but yeah, tour merch is expensive. ive been meaning to buy some from a bunch of bands, but it would help if i wasnt broke.

any news on any up-comming singles, korean or japanese?

Originally Posted by ZZOOzzoo from boajjang forums"
A user at has unearthed the flyer for the 2008 Peace Concert, which will be held at the University of Southern California on April 5.

If the flyer is indeed legitimate, the concert will feature some impressive stars. Top artists such as DBSK, Big Bang, In Soon-I and SE7EN are sure to headline the show alongside BoA, while newcomers including KARA and Wonder Girls will also attract a fair share of K-pop fans in the area.

Is this BoA's first step towards the anticipated U.S. debut? Not likely; this concert is clearly aimed at Korean audience, so expect her typical My Name-Girls on Top routine.
U.S. Debut? how did i not hear about this?? or is it just rumors and speculation?

NEVERMIND i found something about it... so incase anyone didnt know
Originally Posted by krnloop

BoA and Se7en are lined-up for their US debuts this Spring.

It has been known that BoA is currently preparing for her US album, which is targeted for a release in May while Se7en will drop his US album in 2-3 months.

Se7en started working on his US album in 2006 with famous producers Mark Shimmel, Rich Harrison and recently, with Darkchild. According to a message posted by YG Entertainment’s Yang Hyun Suk last February 1, Se7en’s album release is drawing closer.

If Se7en’s US project was made public, BoA’s was a made in a strictly confidential manner. It has just been recently known that producer Peter Rafelson, who has worked with Madonna, is participating in BoA’s album.

2008 seems to be the year for Koreans to advance in the US market for aside from the aforementioned singers, JYP Entertainment’s Lim Jeong Hee and G-Soul are also slated for a US debut this year.
Looks like i might have to do what i did with utada's album.. i was broke then too, but i ended up buying 14 copies.... (i know I=Fail)

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