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Default Tips for New Atlantians

Tips for new atlantians

1.As for the beginners most of the time you received gifts that will pop up on your screen coming from other players. Well this is actually a part of the quest that they need to give gifts to the beginners but there are instances that some received huge amount of gold from the mailbox. No one knows that this might came from a gold seller, unless you received the gold and on the next day you canít access your account because the GM blocked it. This was the same thing that my friend encounter and since his innocent and return the gold to the GM. His account lifted from the suspension. So receiving a huge amount of gold is a ďNOĒ specially from the mailbox, better to report it immediately to the GMís to investigate the user that give you a gold.
2.Read your notes. If you see that your note icon is flashing of course you will be curious what it has to say, it might be a A. Notification that the items that you sell in the market was sold,
B. you might have incoming mails
C.If you joined a guild it will also appear on the notes
D.and even other details regarding the guild like changing the position of the guild officer. These are some notes that you can received.

3.Let your mentor act on his/her work. In atlantica you can be a mentor or can accept the offer of the user who wants to be your mentor. Once you accept it make him work, because Mentors received 200,000 when you reach level 30. The good thing is, the nice one will give you tips and knowledge on other system of the game, and also on your journey to Atlantis like Monster info, craft info, battle strategies and even event gifts.

4.Maximize the use of the Commodity box. This gives you a random Skill Books for your mercenaries and Growth vial. As for the beginners this is one way to earn gold in atlantica.
Especially when you get a growth vial (I) and other skill books that you donít need any more you can sell it to the market or:

5.Find Goncourt to exchange the excess Skill Books that you donít need any more. Goncourt is a moving NPC traveling around Atlantica.
Goncourt can exchange your Skill books either:
Modern book Box - This includes the all the skill books (I)
Medieval book box Ė This includes the all the skill book (II)
Ancient book box - This includes the all the skill books (III)

Skill books: Flame Sword, Freezing Axe, Lightning spear, Healing and all the skill books.

From these books you can obtain skill books that are necessary for your mercenaries, most of the time we keep the skill book (III) this is for the high level merc that is much expensive you can sell this or keep it.

Hope this few tips help you guys, Iíll keep you guys posted once I have new tips to provide.