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Me and 2 of my friends want to join the guild.
We are all from Europe(Hungary) and we are playing together a long time ago.
Lot of games we played in the past like Ragnarok Online, WoW, Fantasy Tennis etc. so we just started to play LS in dec.
The first reason is we are also anime fans so the name of the guild was sympathetic when we first saw it.
The second and the third reason is: we want to join to a guild which has few but good players to make some buddy and learn from high ranked warriors =P
Our country is in GMT+1 so usually we can play between 5 am and 5 pm or something like that. The min. 8 hours/week will be alright, i'll hope we can play more than that.

So thats the 2 guy:

IGN: Shuya
Character(s) and Level(s) : Main: 19 Iron Knight, Sub: 17 Berserker
Contact Info: (msn)
Other: icanhascheesburger?

IGN: Zols
Characters, levels: Main: Ice Mage (21), Sub: Cowboy (22), Assassin(18)
Contact info: (msn)
Other: I like fishing and sleeping a lot.

and Me:

IGN: Laonyr
Characters: Main: Fire Mage (16), Berserker (25) Sub: Medic (10)
Contact info: (msn)
Other: Nothing... I like to play bass \o/

I'll hope we pass into =)
Sorry for my english =(