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Lunia Skill Calculator(JP) << That is my build for my Next RB, or something close to that.

-Air Combo with maxed Whirlpool and FDS in Myth is amazing.
-Maxed Crit passive gives me a crit chance of 51%. (More with more Vit.)
-Max HP, and MP regen because I PvP sometimes.
-No Whirling, because to me, it sucks.
-Five on RB Rage and four on normal Rage, 150% damage all the time.

The build I am using now, is this, except I have RB Nado, not CMS. Not to sound cocky, with 2k str, I top the DPS meter in almost every M2 run. With a 51% chance to crit, and having a steady 150%, it's not hard to see why...