Thread: [Myth] Myth build?
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Originally Posted by Godbot3000
If you're going to favor rage, get more physical skills (at least until we get that weird 70-30 physical-magic damage patch).

Here's what I would do: Lunia Skill Calculator(JP)

-Removed rb nado: The launch on that thing is ANNOYING AS HELL on comboables, but I guess if you keep its usage to non-comboables, it's still useful.
-Maxed voke: It's voke...
-1 counter, 1 blow: More survivability
-1 kick: combos etc.
-Maxed IMS, FDS: Could choose other things to max depending on your preference, but make sure they're physical to capitalize on rage.
Since I'll be mything more often now, I find rb nados use VERY limited. Well, at least from what I've done so far. Thanks for the help.