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In the questline, there's a boss that has become a roadblock for many people hoping to obtain the N.Vik. That boss is the Servant Leader.

Here are some things (that I can remember) about him:

Servant Leader is a cannon boss. The mobs in Servant Leader's Party have increased physical defence (not sure about magic defence).

I can't really remember his formation, but I think he has other cannons with him, and chimeras that can cast Smoke Bomb and Seth's Will. The Chimeras that can cast Seth's Will is in the midline. (Also note that this formation may have been changed)


Some suggestions that could be useful to defeat the dreaded Servant Leader boss in the Northern Viking questline:

>Perk up your main with +VIT rings, especially if he/she is not a Melee. Upgrade as many of your mercs to Grade 5 (lvl100 upgrade). Avoid fighting him if your main isn't over lvl100 (very rare anyway). I've also put +VIT rings on tanks and witch.

>Useful crolls to bring: Dispel, Awakening, Resurrection, Life's Blessing, Judgment/Freezing/Meteor Strike. I placed Awakening and Dispel on my tanks (Swordie and LK). My witch had all scrolls. Keep in mind the 3 scroll limit.

>The witch. She cannot get hit by Servant Leader or his helpers physically. Assuming you've geared her right, she should also have plenty of magic defence. Put witch in between main and monk to decrease the chances of both getting hit by Servant Leader's attack. Put judgment/freezing scrolls on witch. In my experience in losing against Servant Leader several times, the witch is always the last merc to die. (Unless the main dies beforehand of course.) Also try not to cast Meteor Strike; instead get her to use AoE scrolls.

>Focus fire as much as possible onto a single mob on his frontline, so that you can quickly freeze his midline to prevent the chimeras from casting Seth's Will on Servant Leader. If he is sethed, dispel him ASAP using a dispel scroll.

>If you're a cannon main, finish your lvl100 upgrade quest if you haven't done so, and level up Devastation Shell to lvl60. This will decrease his combo rate (which will help A LOT) as well as decreasing his party's defence, which will help in poking a hole in the frontline.

>If you're a rich son of a b If you're fortunate enough to have an upgraded Spartan at your disposal, bring him and War Cry Servant Leader. A level 1 War Cry is as good as a lvl60 Devastation Shell when it comes to reducing combo rate. A level 20 War Cry would be helpful enough. If you have a level 60 War Cry at this point then I hate you very much.

If all his mobs are dead you've pretty much got the fight pretty much under control. At this point, often only your tanks, witch and your main are left standing. Be cautious since you're main is much more likely to be targeted.

That's all I can think of for now, feel free to add anything.

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