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Additional Skills
Skills that are not as needed but probably helpful. I find this the better handful of skills to learn after your main ones. Again it's quite debatable and all choice and taste.

Whirlwind Lv.M
Light Wave Lv.M
Bolster Ballad Lv.M

Optional Skills
Probably not as helpful or as needed as the additional skills. Don't know how much more helpful these might be. Need some more input possibly. Prerequisite skills not mentioned.

Oath of Light Lv.M
Basic Healing
Heart's Grace Lv.M

That is about it for optional that might be good... need opinions on that. It goes without saying as well to go ahead and probably master any other skills you might like... such as Bottle of Mana or Aura of Mana.

That is about it for now. It's a work in progress but this way I can possibly get some more insight, views and opinions to improve either the learning of skills or layout of this guide.

I may add other information as well and just... yeah.

Note: Can someone help me on organizing this guide better with images and indenting correctly? Give me a PM as to not take up a post slot on here. Sorry I am such a forum noob I guess.

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