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Post Raukue's Wind/Earth/Light Sheep Guide

Wind/Earth/Light Sheep Guide
by Raukue

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. First Job Skills
3. Second Job Skills
4. Third Job Skills
5. Additionl Skills and Information

I think I have learned enough about a Wind/Earth/Light Sheep to make a guide. This is a work in progress and I am looking at how others made their guide so this one looks all nice and pretty as well. Will update based on suggestions or thoughts that come to mind like a quick table of contents.

This is a guide obviously for those who want to be Wind/Earth/Light... who love to AoE. This is primarily a PvM build. Look at other guides for other elements. Again this is a work in progress.

The usual build breakdown. For those who are new the numbers in order represent: Power Magic Sense Charm.

1423: Currently my build. Works pretty well. Decent WT and LK and enough HP/DP to survive easily enough. All points into MA of course.

1414: This is an alright build though lacking in WT. I would NOT recommend this one. I had it before and changed to 1423. That lack of WT really gets to you. Points MA.

1432/1441: At your own will, I don't know how good this will work out. MyShop is a must.

1st Job Skills

Path 1:
TM 00: Magical Soul
TM 01: Mana Arrow Lv.1
TM 10: Invincible Casting
TM 12: Mana Arrow Lv.7
TM 22: Cure Lv.10
TM 24: Bottle of Mana Lv.1
TM 40: Mist of Mana Lv.M

Path 2:
Work in progress.

1st Job Skills Breakdown:
Work in progress. Needs better organizing?

1st Job Skill Notes
- Why Mana Arrow Lv.1 then later Lv.7? Well Lv.1 should last for awhile and Lv.7 so it's somewhat stronger and you are able to Master Mist of Mana as soon as you hit the TM Lv for it.
- I will get to making an alternative that instead you learn Mana Ring over Mana Arrow first... maybe.

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