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I recently got the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer demo for the PS3, and... Oh my God, it is amazing. The gameplay itself is like CoD, but with a very strategic approach while still being a very fast-paced shooter.

tl;dr It's cool. I might pick it up.

The demo features 1 map and 1 game type, where the terrorist (?) team has to go into the American base and plant bombs in specific locations, while the American team has to defuse any bombs that are planted before they go off and also defend the locations. Once all the locations have been bombed, the American team must "fall back" and defend the next set of bomb locations before the Terrorist team can rush in and take the next set out. The game ends when either a) The Americans defend their locations for ~20 minutes or b) when the Terroist successfully take out all the bombing locations in all 3 areas (each area has 2-3 bombing spots).

There are 4 classes to choose from, Assault, Engineer, Medic, and Recon. They're pretty self-explanatory, but they all have their uses and (unlike other games that utilize the class system) every class is unique in it's own way while still being very useful in the right situations. Sometimes, the situation calls for you to bring out an Engineer to blow up the enemy tank that is plowing through your team. Other times, the situation calls for you to take an Assault unit and defend your last bomb location. I usually end up using an Engineer just because I like being on the front-lines, but meh.

There is also a class-upgrade deal in which you level up your rank and unlock new guns, similar to CoD. However, because there are classes, you have to also level up each specific class to the next level in order to unlock the guns for that class. Makes it fun in the sense of "Ok, I need to get X more kills with this class, but this isn't the best time to do that, so I should probably hold off on that. Until then, I guess I can upgrade my sniper efficiency."

I heard some complaints with the first game included lag and broken gameplay, among other things.
First off, if I shot ANYONE with a sniper, they would fall within the next half second. I also noticed NOBODY was teleporting while moving around. Keep in mind that this was on the PS3 and is only a demo game. I never experienced lag, ever.
Secondly, the gameplay isn't broken. It really isn't. Not sure what was up with the first game, but BC2 is probably one of the most balanced shooters I've played.

My only complaint is that matches usually end up being 20-30 minutes long... But whatever. Makes it less tedious, I suppose.

Anyway, I'll probably be picking this game up when it comes out. Looks like a very promising game with a load of replayability.

I should do something like this for Bayonetta. >_>