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Originally Posted by Miyuki
If you're not sure how and whats registry, please don't continue.
I'm recommends you that creates a backup of your registry/system resotre points before you continue, just in case.

This guide is mainly for those who willing to try, but not sure how [lol, texts tl:dr]

Click on the spoiler button to show:-

Afterward, do this if the entry exists in your system.

That's it, you will need to restart your computer for the settings to take effect. After that, you should be able to experiences faster responses time with reduced latency ^_^...[unless your isp decided to gaying on your connection, lol]

This might, or might work with Windows XP SP 3, tho.

And as for vista:-
- The behavior of TCP acknowledgments (ACKs) does not change after you modify the TcpAckFrequency registry entry in Windows Vista

Or you can use 3rd party tool:

You've to install SP1 if you want the tweaks to take effects on your Windows Vista. The procedures are the same as in Windows XP's

And again, I WILL NOT TAKEN RESPONSIBILITY if you screwed up stuff. If you're unsure, please asks your questions here, or get a friend who's better in computer ;o.

Another, this will not work with 3G connection or wireless, it might causes some problem in your connection. As for 3G, you might get frequent disconnections, also it's not 100% working with ALL connections.

And again, IT doesn't boost your downloads speed or upload, there's other factors applies such as your connection to your ISP and the internet.

Thank you for viewing!

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i had the first part done do i need to do the second one?? are there any side effects if i do both?? cause i got the first one done but the second i didn't had that file
and... does fast ping has any side effects?