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zz so much to quote.

Originally Posted by Sandrie
Rope Climbing Speed: Similar to Movement Speed, except it is for rope and ladder climbing. If you know how to skip jump on them, it's not all that helpful really.

While this is true, you do need some move speed to be able to rope skip "properly", or without having to tap anything and just holding the two buttons down zz going on too much already. This works too, but it's easier to just get speed.

Jump Damage: Causes an increase of damage when jumping. As far as I know, only the JumpJump Title (Jump Damage +10%) is the only thing that adds to this. Not particularly useful for bards, unless you like to jump and smack things with guitars. It might help with airskilling though.

The JumpJump title only adds +10 damage, not 10%. :v