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Originally Posted by TMoody
It doesn't matter if you can do a dozen other programs, what matters is what those programs do and use.

My PC can run Borderlands, an XBox 360 game at 200 FPS.

If I try to run a PS2 Emulator, it runs at around 20-30 FPS rather than the usual 50 for a PS2.

It's all based on what resources the program needs... When you get a mech's specs, it's all there. The model, the stats, all of that is client side. What those stats are is pretty much a notepad file being sent to you, around 1kb at the max... And that's for your entire hangar...

So I would be willing to bet it is your PC. In-game/connecting to others are the only real places where internet connection makes a major point. Otherwise, as I said, it's all basically small document files...
Then what the hell am I supposed to do about this? I mean it works well for everyone, and I generally tend to always have my computer reformated like 1 time every half a year.