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Originally Posted by gmpilot
All the high level MS are so fast that they dodge between cover in an insanely short time. And w/ a C rank, you die sooo fast if they get behind you that you barely get time to get any sniper shots off.
The point of a sniper is that it does maximum damage in a single shot. Since a C Rank custom'd to attack can do that easily, it means you are only giving them 2 points per death. Yeah, you die fast, but you also will take off at least half a health bar if not more on an S Rank... You're a sniper, sit behind enemy lines, sit behind teammates a fair distance, and if they DO close in on you, they'll have 1 or 2 of your friends nearby... If they get off a melee combo, your team needs to be more cohesive...

The problem with being a sniper in pubs is that it is a very team-based position. Yeah, you're a lone wolf lurking between the sky-scrapers, yeah, you're not supposed to be seen, but if the enemy gets free run of the area, doesn't matter how good you are, by simple rule of stat points, you WILL get caught...
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