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Originally Posted by Sean
Would it be possible to allocate those weekly 8 hours to the weekends? I'm in university, and I don't really have much free time to work with on weekdays. : <

Otherwise, I've been fairly active on LS.

IGN: Cadence
Characters: Ice mage (24); Fire mage (14); Infantryman (13), and the rest are all just around level 8.
Contact info: I'll PM you my email if I meet the requirements, mainly the time requirement.
Believe i've seen you around a few times, at least an ice mage named Cadence seems familiar . Anywho~ There have been quite a whole lot of people who have been trying to apply recently... a lot...

You're alright in my book though :P. Our current guild members tend to have quite a bit of a judging eye on newer members, eh they seem to seem more on keeping the guild the way things are, but if you're on their good side then i'm sure they'll like you~

We don't really force each other to faction, if you see us factioning often it's just out of boredom and just for fun. We're not really a competetive guild, but if you like it laid back and easy with friendly members, then you should enjoy your stay
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