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Originally Posted by LilPhenyl

from the back... you get behind... person flies into a corner... if they try to run away... While the person runs away... People try to jump and run...
Decided to re-read the paragraph and isolated a few points on enemy actions, I just don't know how to push it to that point of the battle. Enemies I met don't run or attempt to dodge, they charge at me (PvPed a GS buddy of mine, the only time she ran was after I was resurrected). I know one part is to dodge attacks and counter attack (if I'm not constantly KBed, knocked down and THEN KBed again thus having no chance to react), but some battles are when I just have to keep running while the enemy jsut sits and recovers for more energy to bash me with.

Frustration: well... Bifrost quests. Enemies there seem too Over Powering to me to have quests at

EDIT EDIT: Lost... to a Lv 86 Bard... damnit I'm such an idiot, I should've been a coward and kept on running.... /wrists. I had all damn water skills, had Back Dash at disposal, had all those pipes, +43 freakin' levels for more power and accuracy... what I went wrong was not knowing what to do when cornered by ES (cannot fight back, have time to re-attatch skills to Normal Attack... ugh...). And now I used up so much time losing PvP I now will be too tired to work on hw such as prepare my paper/speech which is due Tuesday /fails game+life

Decided to PvP again... w/ my guildmate Lv 84 GS. Fought against 111 Bard and 116 GS. I tried using Phynell's advice but: the enemies don't run, they ****ing charge at me which = screwed and no chance of hitting if something comes at you, cannot counter attack and struggling through KB from ES and guns at same time. When I jump to dodge bubble buble and ES, I get caught then killed. I use Hailstone immediately after they faceplant hoping it freezes them, it never does... cannot time things right since all this lag is just... screw it I'm gonna do my paper-essay since guildmate's now at 3x IDR event.

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