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Originally Posted by IonCannon
With guntank's quick reload Im more daring to try and shoot midair enemy, even if I miss its just 2 second reload.
Quicksnipe can only hit if their flying up/down .. if their dashing midair it will miss

I don't like to use scope in close range, it makes a WTF HUGE MS appear in my screen.
The tiny missile spam works good and gets me to top score in B C rooms, but I want to snipe repeatedly not just another zook unit.

Glad ya realise the issue with guntank. close rank does not need the scope i feel.

Anyway, imho, I seldom see C rank in DM nowadays, given so much S rank, freedom etc, I personally find it better to use a B rank MS instead.

sometimes, flying too high to snipe makes u a floating balloon to shoot.
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