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Default Grand Fantasia gets ready for an Ancient Awakening

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Grand Fantasia gets ready for an Ancient Awakening

Major content upgrade rolls out for MMO February 8

Grand Fantasia is a whimsical-appearing massively multiplayer online game with a strong undercurrent of gameplay elements. The title, from Aeria Games, will be getting some new content beginning Feb. 8 and the good folks at Aeria provided GZ with some exclusive screenshots and some gameplay footage.

But first things first. On February 8, the new content will roll out and includes:

* Level Cap Increased to Level 65
* Two New Zones Released: Prism Island Prairie and Twin Lion Mountains
* New Level 55 10-Man Raid: Warped Condemned Mine
* New Level 65 Dungeon: Sunken Mechanical Fortress
* Relationship System: The ability to form a relationship with another player (no matter the gender) to gain Experience bonuses when adventuring in the same map as well as unlocking Relationship Skills and more!

Read GameZone.comís look at the game here.
So yeah, a update coming tomorrow according to Video Game News - Grand Fantasia gets ready for an Ancient Awakening
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