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Originally Posted by TMoody
Sorry for the nubby idea since I'm still new, but I've read that C rank suits get the most status points per increase of any other suit.

On this line, couldn't the C Ranks be the best because A: They are cheaper to repair, B: Are cheaper/easier to get, C: Are MUCH easier to rank up to max

If they end up missing like 10 stat points (or 500, can't tell on the stats page on SDGO main site if it's SUPPOSED to be 21.00 or 2.1k...) obviously that won't be the case, but...

I dunno, I just love my cannonical approach to the mobile suits. Wing Zero = Uber shot attack, same with Zeta. God Gundam = omgwtf plot punch. And the Zaku statistically is the fastest suit of them all...

God I want a Zaku that can cross a map in 5 seconds xD

What are you talking about?
1) All stat points give the same amount to all ranks.
2) C ranks cant compare to S ranks' versatility.
4) meh..what?!