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after seeing Flay naked:
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Originally Posted by kmelfina
LF > PvP Bard mentor T_T


Well GS/X-Bow = PvP is easy but =/= better than everyone else? Idk if I need to be checked into a mental hospital or anything... I am sick of egos of whatever of any kind, like w/ one Lv 82 X-bow TH that said "hey, I'm the lowest level here and I pwn everything!" (but one of my team members hypothesizes he got those kills by "sniping" which is something I do not know waht it means). Idk anymore if it was a friendly comment or just something else.

When I go in a PvP Fight, I get irritated when people shout out "a bard? oh hey, the match is in the bag!"
Bards are harder to master in PVP than other classes (IE: Gunslingers, Crossbow THs, Dagger THs, etc), so it would make sense for people to think that bards are easy to beat.

In order to be a good bard, you need to have honor; honor and a peeeeeenis:
~25+% min/max guitar
~25+% min/max stone
~Evil Sound, Sound of Spirit/Heart, Ice Fear II, Bubble II and Hail storm I/II
~8,000+ HP

Battle tips:
Usually two hits from the back would trip the person, so then you get behind the fallen foe and use bubble II so they get hit twice and trip once again. Then you can use Evil Sound. You can skip the Bubble II thing to use ES... Keep in mind a well timed back dash will leave you open to your attacker... So it's all up to you.

Using ES while the person flies into a corner is often a good idea too. If they try to run away and get farther from the corner, quickly stop and use Ice Fear II to trip them.

While the person runs away, using Hail Storm I or II is often a good way to trip them up. People try to jump and run at the same time, making them easy targets to swat down from the skies. Airskilling an Ice Fear II on to them is also good too - it sets you up to use Bubble II/ES.

If you're on the Yong Gyong map, you can use Ice Fear I/II or Hail Storm I/II to hit someone if they're above you. You can even get them with these skills if they're camping on the edge of the top tower. Be sure to "camp" as well, because this is one rare advantage that you would NOT want to give up.

If you're on a map where you know the person is below you, airskill Ice Fear II on to them. You can also run off a cliff and cast ES. You can do this with ANY SKILL, so be sure to use it to save up your magic concentration.

Keep in mind that healing a lot may be the thing that makes you lose. If the person gets you from behind, they can probably kill you with ease... So they might win just because they took more of your HP.

When using your buffs, try to get magic/luck sound of heart and sound of spirit. These buffs stay with you even after you die, so it helps a lot.

As a bard, there's no shame in running. You're squishy. Everything can pretty much cancel your skills. Just let the idiots run to you so you can smack them around with water skills. If they whine about your tactics, tell them to shove it.

That's basically all I can think of when it comes to bards... It took me a while to get a hang of being a bard, but it wasn't all that hard. I also use a laptop and I'm on the East Coast, so I'm at a slight disadvantaged compared to most other PVPers in terms of latency.
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