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Default Staff main guide

Just want to share this guide that I've gathered... As we all knew this job is quite a trend nowadays.

A Staff Main is a Multi-purpose Main that excels at mass-damage abilities and healing. In PVP, she is unrivaled in AOE (Area of Effect or Mass Assault) damage. In PVE, she is one of the fastest leveling mains in the game, only out-matched by the Chainsaw and Musician Mains. A Staff Main has eight different skills at her disposal, with one of them unlocked after the lvl 100 upgrade. Her skills give her a wide range of abilities to either help her team or hurt her foes.

Note: This guide was created by Promethus of Atlantica Forums.
Atlantica Staff Main Base Stats:

Strength 150
Intelligence 290
Dexterity 190
Vitality 220
Attack 74-101
Defense 225
Magic Defense 542

Brief Description:

“Your foes may scoff at your low vitality and defensive level, but as a mage you have the ability to master a wide variety of spells. You can also equip an [Orb], which increases your Attack Power and Intelligence. In your later levels, you truly become a force to be reckoned with. You replenish your allies’ vitality with [Blessing of Life] magic, and can learn the powerfull [Brutal Will] spell to increase your mercenaries’ attack power.”


The Staff Main shares skills with her Shaman counterpart, but she has several unique abilities that only she manifests. First, we will cover her and the shaman’s shared abilities.

Brutal Will
*A skill that makes a row go berserk. Mercs affected by it gain an attack power, multi-hit rate, and action power regen buff. However, you also lose control of mercs affected by this skill and the affected mercs take damage every turn. Brutal Will is generally not raised because there are more useful skills that the Main can learn.*

Hex of Darkness
*Causes a DOT(Damage over Time) and debuff on the enemy. The debuff decreases maximum HP for the duration of the DOT. If this skill is cast on a target affected by the Swordsman’s Dark Seed, then the Hell Flame combo will trigger, which is like a super Hex of Darkness. This skill usually isn’t leveled because it is only really useful when a Swordsman will be kept for you entire Atlantica career*. Even then, there are better skills to have.

Noble Sacrifice
*Sacrifice skill that heals your team. Needs the caster to be at 30% health to work. Worthless on a Main because, if the main dies, then you lose. Never level this skill on your aStaff Main.*

Blessing of Life
*Very good skill. The first healing ability you’ll ever have. Starts off targeting only one merc, but becomes a row target at lvl 20. The only time you’ll ever find a better heal is at lvl 76, when you recruit an Oracle. Level this skill if you don’t plan to have a Shaman. Even if you do have a shaman, it’s good to put 1 point here as a precaution for emergencies.*

That’s all of the shared skills. Next are the Main-Characters-Only skills.

Guard Dispel
*A decent skill for PVP. It destroys the Holy Guard status on the front-most row. Situational use only because it does no damage at all and has no other effects. Only 1 point is needed, because charms will give this skill 100% accuracy.*

Mana Shield
*Good, old Mana Shield. It has saved many a Staff Mains’ butt in combat. Whenever a physical attack hits the Staff Main, she’ll automatically recover HP at the cost of her Mana. It only heals the first hit, not the combo hits. In PVE, this is always active unless disabled in the skill window. In PVP, the Shield will only trigger at a set percentage rate. Higher skill lvls means a high rate of activation in PVP, bigger heals in both PVE and PVP, and larger Mana useage. However, be careful with this skill in PVE. It’ll quickly deplete your Mana stores and leave you drained.*

Evanescent Scud
*Your first and only AOE skill for the first 100 lvls as a Staff. This skill does a great deal of damage, killing or severely weakening mobs in PVE until lvl 95~. It casts quickly, so it is the primary PVE AOE skill of choice. Pretty much ALLStaff mains max this because it is their primary lvling and attack skill for the first 100 lvls. It is also teh primary reason to be a Staff main in the first place.*

Flame Blow
*Your lvl 100 skill. It is an even stronger AOE than Scud, but it takes longer to cast. It also carries a Fire element tag, so Fire resistant monsters and Shield+Sword mercs take reduceddamage. While the listed damage is low, it does 2 quick successive hits of that low damage. That means, the listed damage of 1.6k is really 3.2k total damage . The second hit happens immediately on the next enemy turn. While Scud is better for quick PVE fights, Flame Blow is better in 2v1 situations.*

Commonly suggested skill build for lvl 120 or lower:

60 Flame Blow or Evanescent Scud
29/39 Mana Shield
60/50 Blessing of Life
1 Guard Dispel

and for lvl 121+

70 Flame Blow or Evanescent Scud
70 Blessing of Life
19 Mana Shield
1 Guard Dispel
Suggested Mercenary for quick leveling:

Lvl 1+:

Spear – Beast Trainer – Spear
Gunner – Artilleryman – Gunner
Shaman – Staff(m) – Monk

At lvl 70+, you’ll start converting to this:

Spear – Beast Trainer – Spear
Janissary – Artilleryman – Cannoneer/Inv
Staff(m) – Prophet – Monk

*These teams are PVE only or Auto-Battle Free League. They will not do that well at end-game manual PVP.*