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Unhappy Drop in quests exp?

I may be late on noticing this but it only just occurred to me this morning when i turned in 2 quests that the listed exp reward values here are different from wut i actually got :

Scared Old Man
lvl 118+
Reward:10500000 XP, 150000 Ely, 350 Guild Points, x1 Sapphire Helmet

One More Ketchup Please
lvl 118+
Reward:10700000 XP, 170000 Ely, 360 Guild Points, x30 Lesser Combo Candy

But im gettin 7,200,000 XP and 7,800,000 XP repectively. All other rewards r the same as listed.
(Sorry if this was mentioned b4, i didnt read thru all of the posts cuz there r alot...)