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Originally Posted by MoonlightMemento
It's a forbidden love so-to-speak, like bestiality.
=[ incest is nothing compared to bestiality Dx..... you cannot compare those two in an equal standing ;-;...

bestiality is using FORCE towards animals...... while on the other hand, incest does not apply force towards its partner Dx....

hmmz..lemme give u a true to life situation that was even televised here in mah country....

there was these parents wherein they can no longer finance the lives of their children (w/c is a boy and a girl)... these couple can only keep one so they decided to separate their 2 children..the couple decided to keep the girl on their side while giving away the boy in an orphan.... the couple did not tell the girl that she has a brother... 30 years later, unfortuantely, the girl found a husband and she doesnt have any idea that the one she married is HER OWN BROTHER...aqnd even when she found out the truth about her brother, she was still in love with him"

in the situation given above, does that mean the girl was suffering in a mental dis order?? i dont think so Dx....

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