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Section 14: Guardians

Questions about guardians are very, very common. You might find these links helpful:
Q: Is the soul seed planted in you automatically once you get it?
A: You will have the seed in your Use inventory after completing the quest, which is attached to you as soon as you double click it.

Q: Does the guardian's build also affect its status as it levels up?
A: Guardians don't really have status. The numbers on their build graph only tell you how many skills of each type they can learn. [Mazuiko]

Q: Is it whichever stat you level up to 6 first, or the highest stat you have by the time you reach 14, that determines which guardian you'll get?
A: Whichever stat is the highest is the guardian you get. So if your Power stat is the highest, you'll get Sephirens. If you had 2 stats of the same number, you'll get the guardian of whichever stat that reached that number first. [Mazuiko] Be careful: This rule doesn't always apply to Superior guardians with the 3333 build.

Q: How can I get my guardian to cure me?
A: To activate your Guardian's Cure, your HP needs to be at 20%, but you also have to trigger your Guardian to attack, by either attacking a monster yourself without killing it, or right-clicking a monster. Your Guardian will only cure you when you make it attack. [Torikakae] [1] Guardians only seem to cure you if you are ATTACKING a monster. They won't heal you if you have other monsters around you that are hitting you. [Mazuiko] [2]

Q: What skills can a guardian learn with My Shop runes?
A: Click here for a complete list of skills. [Virus] [1]

Q: Can I use the My Shop guardian map for my first guardian instead of the map obtained from Secret Cards?
A: No. You need to be an enlightened user to use the Spinel soul seed. That means you need to go through the whole process of collecting all the Secret Cards yourself. [Esper] [1]

Q: How do I get Spinel?
A: Spinel is a My Shop guardian that can only be hatched by enlightened users. You need to have an in-game guardian first before you can get Spinel.

Q: If I'm already enlightened, do I need to collect Secret Cards again for Spinel?
A: No.

Q: How do I get a Legendary guardian?
A: Take a look at this guide. I don't know if it's 100% effective as I haven't tested it myself.

Q: How do I get a Superior guardian?
A: The proven method for hatching a Superior is to grow your soul seed to have a 3333 build. If you're aiming for a particular guardian (e.g. Sephirens) then be sure that your Power stat reaches 3 first. This is not a reliable method for getting the exact guardian you want as some players have done this and found that, instead of getting the Sephirens they wanted, they got something else instead. You can reduce the chance of this happening by making sure that the last stat you were raising before you hatch your guardian is of the same type as your desired guardian. For example, if want Sephirens, make sure that you raise your Power stat a bit before you do the enlightenment quests from Janus. The same method works for Spinel.

Q: What type is Spinel?
A: Spinel can be any type you want. The sprites look the same, but have a different type-specific name and symbol. [1]

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