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Section 13: Fusion

Q: Can I fuse a sword with a staff?
A: All weapons can be fused with each other, except for guns. A gun can't be fused with anything but another gun. The same goes for shields, hats, capes and such. [1] [2]

Q: Is there any tradeable mask that I can fuse mine with?
A: There is currently no tradeable mask besides the Pirate Eye Patch, which can't be fused. To make a mask or head accessory tradeable, you have to fuse it and then de-fuse it to acquire the skin. Two Artisan's Flames are needed for this.

Q: Can boss unique equipment be fused?
A: No. [1]

Q: Can timed equipment be fused and retain their image without expiring?
A: If you want to keep the image of equipment that's fimed by fusing it with a permanent one, then yes. [1] [2]

Q: Do character sets retain their set bonus if they're fused?
A: Yes, as long as their status is kept (i.e. put in the "Teacher Pet" slot). [1]

Q: Will a fused Rook pet still loot galders?
A: The image of a Rook pet (if you treat it as the "Student Pet") won't be able to loot galders. As the "Teacher Pet", retaining its full status, it does.

Q: Can broken equipment be fused?
A: Yes. [1]

Q: Can Dragon Helmets be fused?
A: No. [1]

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