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Section 11: Bossing

Q: How does the boss system work?
A: All boss rooms are instanced. Mad Ray and Spicy Dragon are the two exceptions. You get your own boss when you enter, so there's no need to worry about kill stealing. If you're in a party, then you and your party members will enter the same room and fight the same boss. For most bosses, you have to complete a set of trials before you can enter. These trials are not instanced for the most part. Once the boss is dead, the room will "crumble" and you'll be teleported out. You'll have to wait a certain amount of time before you can re-enter the trials and fight that boss again. [1] Current players are already familiar with this system, so this may only be relevant to new or returning players who haven't played since the boss system got revamped.

Q: If you enter the trials in a party, but then cancel the party just before reaching the boss room, would you still have your own boss?
A: Yes. [Care] [1]

Q: Are boss seals important at all?
A: They're really just for show and have no real purpose [Esper | Ryxios] [1] except to reset the timer of an Absolute Unique. [WingedSylphe] If you have a piece of Absolute Unique equipment, you have to acquire a boss seal on a regular basis in order to keep it.

Q: Which bosses don't give out seals?
A: Mad Ray doesn't. [1] Master Mong used to be a boss, but then stopped giving out seals. Now he's not even a boss anymore.

Q: What is the drop rate for boss uniques?
A: There is no answer. Some people easily get one within 100 seals. Others can have thousands of seals and still get nothing. [Esper] It's a question of real life luck. [1]

Q: How long do bosses take to respawn?
A: This is a rough guide only. Some players have reported a shorter time and others a longer one. [WingedSylphe]

Q: Which bosses use Banish?
A: All of them do except for Captain Skull, but he can summon Quiem who does. [WingedSylphe]

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