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Section 3: Equipment

Q: What are some good in-game WT accessories?
A: Duckling Keychain, Opulent Pouch 30, Opulent Pouch 40, Megalo Pouch, Megalo Driller Bag and Violet Earring all give WT.

Q: What does potential mean?
A: See this thread. [Recette]

Q: How do I get a Duckling set?
A: Every new character gets a Ducking set in their inventory. [Mikaze] The key chain gives a 20% EXP bonus so it's effectively a permanent booster.
[Jare | Chyrla | prison] [1]

Q: Is the Duckling set tradeable?
A: No.

Q: How do I get a Pharaoh set?
A: The Pharaoh Hat, Golden Sword and Golden Lion Shield are dropped by Tutankhamen. Unless you can hunt him yourself, your other option is to buy the set from other players, though it won't be cheap. Look here for the price of a clean and unrefined set. The Ankh Pendant (accessory) is obtained by completing this quest. You could try borrowing the set from someone if you only need it to do the accessory quest.

Q: How do I get a Graduation Ring?
A: You get one in your My Shop inventory once you reach level 31. [prison]

Q: Is in-game equipment still tradeable if compounded with My Shop Magic Stones?
A: Yes.

Q: Does elemental attribute work on guns?
A: No. Attributes only affect the damage output of physical melee attacks, certain Buffalo skills and Dark Lord skills. Guns with shadow property are somewhat of an exception, though they only affect shadow monsters. [posu] [1]

Q: Does attribute affect the damage of magic skills?
A: Currently, no. With the exception of certain Dark Lord skills. [1] Second job Dark skills are NOT affected.

Q: Does DX affect guns?
A: No. If you're wondering about the reload rate, that is controlled by the gun itself. [kale15] [1]

Q: How do I get a Powerful weapon?
A: It needs to be created. For this, you need Nikarium Fragments obtained from Treasure Hunting using Worn and Old Maps. With 5 Fragments, you can compound a Nikarium at Black Market (get there using Weird Maps). Then you need 2 Old weapons AND the Nikarium to compound a Powerful one with Compounder Vin. As with all compounds, there is a chance that you'll fail. [hyuuri] [1]

Q: What is the difference between Ultimate and Chaos/Requiem equipment?
A: Chaos/Requiem equipment comes with highly random stats. They can be obtained by killing monsters at Tower of Chaos, whereas Ultimate equipment only drops from bosses.

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