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Section 1: Game Functions

A list of commands is available here and here.

Q: How do I log out/exit the game?
A: Press the Esc key and choose Move to Start Menu. Clicking End Game closes your client altogether. Alt + F4 is another option.

Q: How do I sit/sleep/stand?
A: Use the Page Up and Page Down buttons on your keyboard. Page Down once to sit, twice to sleep. When sitting, Page Down just once to sleep. To stand up again, Page Up. If your keyboard doesn't have these keys, you can use these chat commands: /Sit, /Sleep. The commands are case sensitive, so be sure to type as you see them here with the capital letters. [1] [ GardenofEden ]

Q: How do I chat?
A: Press enter, or place your cursor in the chat box and left click, then begin typing.

Q: How do I make a private shop?
A: Right-click on your own character and choose the Private Shop option.

Q: How do I make an overhead display?
A: For the text you see above people's head in a dark blue speech bubble, either by right-click on yourself, select Head Notice and then type in your text, or type "/notice" in all chat, followed by a space, and then the text you want.

Q: How do I report someone?
A: If the offending player is on the same map as you, right-click on them and select GM Report. If they're offline or on another map, right-click on yourself instead and select GM Report. On the window that pops up, click Report and fill in the details.

Q: How do I block whispers?
A: Press O, go to the Function tab, and check the "NO" box where it says Whisper Invitation. This will block whispers from all players, including your friends.

Q: How do I block whispers from a specific player?
A: Either find their IGN in your whisper list, or type in their name manually if it isn't already there, right-click on the name and select Block Whisper. You'll be notified that the person's whispers have been rejected.

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