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Post Some interesting quotes from Hapa

Originally Posted by ConcertoGateHapa
We know everyone has been waiting a long time and it's frustrating; its just as if not more frustrating for us. We are doing everything that we can to get the game going, unfortunately it's not entirely up to us. Right now the ball is mainly in the developers' court and unfortunately they do not seem to be treating Concerto Gate as their top priority which is causing a delay. We know you all are anxious, but we ask you all to have a little patience

We basically all figured this out, but it's nice to see a community manager admit it.

Originally Posted by ConcertoGateHapa
The "Auto Dungeon/ Cannot enter due to a mysterious force" bug that prevented players from being able to acquire jobs in the first closed beta is definitely a top priority with regards to the bugs that are being fixed right now

This was posted today. So this bug still is on the "priority list", meaning it has yet to be fixed, after a month of downtime. No progress seem to have been made since a month ago, it's not looking good. It's as if they (OnNet/GamesCampus) don't even hear from the Japanese developers...

School is starting soon for most of the players, they are missing a big opportunity by not releasing it during summer break, oh well...

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