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Originally Posted by Silver Rook
Actually no.
For pure cats, going for pure HP is not really useful because two of the main attacks (Volley Kick and Two Hit Combination) requires massive amounts of either AP or HV. Most cats would choose AP, but its recommended to choose HV because it allows you to dodge, do more damage and hit harder with your debuffs.

Going pure HP would be semi-useless for a pure cats because they don't use Siren Song much anymore. Siren Song is just too unreliable to be depended.

If you want to tank much, going pure HP raccoon would be way better than a pure HP cat.

^ Khmer2k1d5, Sumo Suit (Fatty Shield) allows you to hardness the power of sheep.. I mean, reduce damage by 44% xD
I know that everyone already recommends not going Pure with an HP build, but it never hurts to back up that recommendation more. 8D Seriously, you, and everyone else who believes this are right. Pure Cats only have one skill that depend on HP, so just, don't go Pure, and have HP in your build. .___. (unless you really want it o_O)

Hybrid Raccoons and Cats are pretty cool, since they get Super Hips+Sumo Suit. And actually, when you have 3xx+ HV, if I remember this correctly, Sumo Suit can actually reduce your damage by over 50% instead of 44%, since I believe it's an HV based skill. I've actually tested the skill when it first came out with under 3xx HV and over 3xx HV, and I believe that it does make a difference. o: 44-50% damage reduction is really a lot x.x;;

Gah~ I really love this guide! But when you have time, could you try to add a section for a 2HP/2HV build? I'm trying to make a Hybrid Cat with that build, and I don't think that everyone would want to go completely pure HP. o: <3 this guide! Keep up the good work on it. 8D There need to be more HP Charms!