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Default La art pile~

Not exactly new new to Latale; I've joined OGP's latale right when it opened and dragged a few of my friends into it as well. Although I kind of quit cold turkey around a month and half after. Recently my friend nagged me to pick it up again (bribing me with expert hair coupon OTL) so I kinda got off my butt and leveled up my wee little mage/wizard Shikigami who's now a bard-o.

The Artsu Newest -> Oldest
R-15 picture done for a friend's birthday 8D

Stress relief doodles/sketches; not planning on finishing
dWen (OC)
Hazel (OC)

Kudos to whoever can identify all the stuff I'm wearing xD
The set was expensive OTL; thankfully a usual chib commission can cover for that and more.

annnnnd..something I've done about a few days ago (my own persona/OC)

Here's hoping my WIP does not stay a WIP for more than 2 weeks : |

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