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Originally Posted by SOC
Does this game have PvP? If so, how is it? Rules? Rooms? Balance? Automatic restatting like in La Tale? No re-statting rooms?
Currently, they have been totally re-doing the pvp style and it is apparently not like it used to be at all, so until it's re-released, we will not know
Does this game have guild wars? If so, how is it?
same as above
How is this game when it comes to bossing? Are they big and cool and fun and long, like in end-game MapleStory/La Tale, or are they just like MushMoms?
Theyre completely different from the mobs. Rambong, boss of the beehive is a giant "Macho" Bee with machine guns, In most cases, the bosses are "Extentions" to nearby mobs with completely different looks (they look more... "adult" than the mobs) with the exception of some which are completely different from every mob in the game and some "hidden" bosses that just have maybe 1 or 2 visual differences, but better drops.
How is the leveling? I don't mind a little grinding, but MapleStory is too much and too repetitive/boring/soul crushing. Are the monsters more engaging like in La Tale or more "standard" like in MapleStory?
The grind is... very workable. I hate grinding, but i gained 2 levels by grinding alone because i'm tired of doing 30%exp worth in quests, then having to grind for the next level, so it was nice to just stay in one area and continue grinding. As for the monsters. I never played maple, but most mobs have set attack animations instead of just bouncing at you, if that's what you mean?
Do monsters damage on touch contact like in MapleStory or only if they attack like in La Tale?
There is touch damage, but it's drastically reduced from attack damage. With high level mobs sometimes doing as little as 1 damage for touch damage.
How is the game's balance? Are two-handed swords awesome, or is that job too heavily dependent on other jobs (for partying) to be effective because of their low defense?
They are constantly working on the balance, at the moment, many cry about it, but I dont find it so bad.
Cash shop balance? Pay to win or is it pretty balanced and cool?
The cash shop was Just opened so it's a bit lacking at the moment, the only things that are statted are shoes and gloves (shoes +1.5 jump, gloves either +5 wis or +5 vit) They have not added any mounts, pets, blessing pots, or exp/drop bonus scrolls yet.
How many people currently play?
Hard to tell. Due to SevenOne's German Version, they pulled an optional line in the contract about restricting it's area's players from playing other versions, so nDoors wonderking had to ip ban all european players and the same thing will most likely happen with players from the Philippians.
How is the game's music and sounds?
Dunno, i play with it muted and listen to music or listen to the tv usually in any game i play.
Is it a casual game or a hardcore game?
I spend about 10-16 hours a day in the Tech section of the forums trying to help out, but i'm at 65. I maybe play 1-2 hours every couple days (actual playtime, not sitting afk time)
Lastly, what do YOU think about this game overall? (Yes, I checked the ratings page but I had all these questions to ask)
I love the game, Otherwise I wouldnt be helping with tech support to make sure more people can play. At the same time, If I didnt like the game, i'd NEVER go for a forum mod position. So maybe this review is a bit biased because I am a forum mod there, but still, you really should try it out for yourself to find out if you like it.