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Originally Posted by Tenelax
:O how much degrees is considered as ''hot'' in Texas? Here... 30 is REALLY hot and we didnt got it this summer... Oh and I bet you dont have snow in Texas? :3 I luv snow 8D
Well recently it's been 107 degrees (fahrenheit) but the rains have cooled us down ^^. It bakes down here in Texas xD I felt like a chicken in an oven walking to work. And yeah.. it rarely ever snows :x And if it does the snow is really wimpy compared to up north ^^; I remember school shut down for ice one year and my friends up north were laughing at us.

Originally Posted by BoredomKillz
:O i want snow here!! ive seen snow like once.......when i was 5 ._. so thats lame buuuuuu

also i bet sanichi is gonna move us soon like he did last time xP woot for off topicness?
I went skiing and saw plenty of snow! ^^ It definitely can be very pretty but it was so cold.... T.T... -doesn't deal with cold very well- :x

lol poor Sanichi. We get off topic so much xD

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