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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
Nah, I feel it's ok. He is looking for a team here while requesting for help, so yeah. =/

I agree that the request for help thread is kinda cluttered... And that is more suitable for like, multiple requests. Like Maybe a newbie requesting aid in all H missions, for example.

Anyway, Hyper Shining for Hard will not work. ZZ is the best A ranked rock you can use for Hard to clear the daggers and 105s.
Hard isn't a problem for me. My psyco's got the C3 into Def.

My worry is that because I lack Clops, that I >>>can't<<< destroy the battleship pieces quick enough, THAT is what I doubt. And from Hard alone, I have yet to (successfully... damn Random ZOA at 32 seconds left with only 2 SDaggers...) see any team I've gotten (me + 1 friend, + 2 Randoms) succeed.

Mind you, I've done it with TW randoms, gotten close EVERY time.

It's EX I'm sincerely worried about. The Wikia suggests clops for the Psycos to blow up all the pieces at once (allowing them to emphasize on blowing up the first 2 BS so they could start on the third and weaken it before going Dagger hunting). Since I lost all my Clops, I am worried I'd be useless in the Psyco Department...