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Originally Posted by Henreh
'm having a hard time thinking of what to include in the clip. I don't think I can jam in most of the TO game content in 30 seconds x__o
it's 30 seconds maximum one clip so we don't have massive gig-worth files, you're welcome to record as many 30 seconds clips and you'd like

Originally Posted by Tenelax
Hmm well I would do it (I have Fraps and a very good comp) but since I play A LOT of games I'm not very high level in games... like 90 in Trickster, 25 in Grand Chase, 20 in Mabinogi, 20 in Lunia, 66 in Maple Story... You see the thing? So I think it's better to give footage from higher leveled people because its more attractive :/ (my point of view)
it's not all about power and one hit KO-ing bosses, some scenery shots within the game showing off graphics is ideal too