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updated my list again on first little stuff now lol
Originally Posted by xKakashi
Update on items:

Items tentatively for sale:
SSAF Hana Shirt
SSAF Hana Hat
Complete Cecila SSAF Set
CC Elven Ears
Hana chaos
Hana Specs
CC Rosaline
Kooh Penguin Set
Kooh Specs
Hana Doggz

Items for sale for sure o3o:
SSAF Kaz Gloves
An extra SSAF Cecilia Hat

Im buying cc specs/chaos/halo
and kinda looking into your hana chaos, how much do you sell it for?

btw, is ntreev removing those hacked items? I havent seen they announce bans since dec 09 last yr =o and I just got traded a hana dark-cross wing, the name looks weird

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