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Originally Posted by Twitch
My version of a casual gamer is logging in once or twice a week for about an hour or so. Which is me. plus I get busy with other things, and the fact Lunia is boring. Unlocking CoC2, or even doing it, feels like a grind to me, let alone the one-two weeks I spend getting back up to 70.
A couple CoC2 runs every weekend IS "logging in once or twice a week" for the efficient player. That's pretty much what I do these days thanks to my real life being real hectic.

Unlocking CoC2 takes me all of 30 minutes. Hand in 31 SoMs to the NPC (brought using gold from fishing that requires no play time on my part), kill Lunia once, and voila. CoC2 unlocked again. Weeee.

Work smarter, not harder. That's what I do and allows me to remain "casual" while still getting to level 80 within 2 months. Course, the fact that I'm in a guild of good people and friends who put up with my "casualness" (re: laziness :| ) does help.
Currently I'm main-ing two full-time fisher-girls. They fish. A lot.