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Originally Posted by FullMetalSieg
LOL u posted at like 1 sec earlier than me project >:O
Edit: and now lunar o.o
since when did you have an account here?

Originally Posted by Lunar
its been 2 years since i joined.. i dont even post that frequently anymore
however, u really are going off topic.. this isn't even pvp anymore!

back to um.... whats his face... project
windmill is so they stay within the combo restrictions on sieg.. doing it on asuka is just replacing the longer version of comboing making it useless..
which... if i remember correctly u said "some of us like comboing more than dmg"
which... u dont follow since *points at tourney vid* first combo... xcut ss cms
anyways..... windmill on asuka and ralph = useless.. being a showoff without being able to say "it helps me beat u" is fail

*ends my posting* my avg post per day is being beat
the video was like 4 months ago? have u seen me play now? i only use like SS cms once in every game i dont even nado dfist anymore
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