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This is an addition to the policy of our market. We do not tolerate haggling prices nor do we tolerate in-game Whisper spam. The notifications are strictly per in-game mail system. If you want your item you will have to contact us in-game and post it on the forum. We do not tolerate whispering and it will automatically disqualify you for the item and will go to the next person in queue for the item. We will contact you with a response ASAP and have further discussions about where and when to pick up the item you have offered on.

This is a more detailed explanation about the "Reasonable offer".

If we think that your price is to our standards we will accept it and sell it to you. If it isn't to our standards according to the criteria we will inform you about it not being reasonable and will give you another chance to make changes to your offer otherwise it will go to the next person in line for the item with their offer.

Also, we will go strictly according to the first come, first serve method. If someone is posting and making an offer on an item first and the second person offers it at a higher price, that person has to wait for the first person to be accepted or rejected according to the "Reasonable offer". It is to assure fairness amongst anyone who wants the item. Again, we don't favor anyone and it is strictly on first come first serve method. We will not tolerate any discussions about why we don't accept to sell at a higher price to you etc..
It is first come, first serve.
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