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Default Cit & Zero's Kali and Sieg CS apparel

We've sold a TON of Sieg/Kali CS items in the past week, and we still have a handful to sell. I mostly blame that on me cause I've been buying tons of random boxes. But this is our permanent CS store so that we can advertise in-game, and simultaneously have it on the site. Just to let everyone know ahead of time the list will be updated every 2 weeks, since that's the time frame me or zero charge/add gcoins to our accounts. All items that i list are strictly "REASONABLE OFFERS" only. Meaning, you tell me how much you would pay for the listed item(s).

Factors are of course based on 2 simple criteria..
  1. [1]Amount of stats- Obviously pieces that give more stats will cost a bit more
    [2]-Rarity- %'age rate on the item; or to put it simply how rare or how common an item is.

PS- Updated CS gear will MOST LIKELY be Kali items, since my main for now is Kali. Sieg items all depend on Zero and Zero only, so bug him to open boxes unless he says otherwise to ask me about it. I'm up for discussion about opening Eir Random boxes, but I'm still working out the details on that.

Any questions are to be referred here or me and zero strictly. NO PM's will be accepted on the forums so everything is open and up for discussion in this thread and in game. We don't favor people and reserve any pieces for anyone, its first come first serve basis.

-Cit and Zero

----Kali LvL 0----

Platinous Android Shoes
Platinous Android Lute


Lunio Armani White Dress Suit jacket
Lunio Armani White Dress Suit Pants

----Kali LvL 45---


Bluelight gold Android Helmet
Bluelight Gold Android Gloves
Bluelight Gold Android Coat
Bluelight Gold Android Shoes


Ancient Japanese style blue Kimono Hairpin


Beautiful womans's splendid silk coat
Beautiful woman's jade stone shoes
Beautiful woman's lute of heavenly fan


Libra Ornament Gloves

----Sieg lVl 0----


Lunio Armani White Sports Glove
Lunio Armani White Shoes with Blue Bottoms

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