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Default Globbys tech guide for those too lazy to check the WK forums :)

(Please note, this is my guide posted on the WK site. I mean no offense by "for those too lazy to check the forums" because if it wasn't for the fact that I'm offering the most support there, I'd be too lazy too

Here you will find which rather common tech issues have already been reported, the cause of the error (if known) and how to fix them (if available)

Keep in mind that not all fixes are guaranteed fixes and may depend on your own computer. For many of these issues, there may be more than one listed solution. Just try them in order (for the issue you are receiving) until you (hopefully) find a solution that works for you.
  • Create Device: Failed
  • There is no file in server
  • Cannot find wonderking.msi
  • Keyboard stops responding
  • Hackshield issues
  • Patcher stalls on certain files
  • The version of this file is not compatible...
  • Other
  • Additional Tip: MuffinMan's guide on running Wonderking on a Macintosh Computer

Create Device:Failed:

This error is due to a graphical conflict. Either your screen resolution will not supoprt Wonderking or your video card's drivers and/or DirectX is/are out of date or have incorrect settings.

If running on a wide screen monitor:
You must play in windowed mode because Wonderking's 800x600 resolution cannot scale correctly on a monitor without a 4:3 monitor ratio.

If windowed mode does not work:
You must have a screen resolution equal to or greater than 1024x768.
To change your screen resolution:
  • Right click on your desktop
  • Go to properties
  • Go to the display tab
  • Change resolution

To check your drivers:
  • Go to start>run
  • type dxdiag (Vista and Windows 7 users may type this in the search bar)
  • Go to the display tab

At the upper right corner of the display tab, it should list your current drivers, ?????? and the date that they were issued. If they were issued over 6 months ago, I suggest that you go to the website of the video card manufacturer and look for an updated version.

DirectX settings:
In the lower portion of the window, Make sure that Direct3d Acceleration is enabeled.

There is no file in the Server:

Some ISPs block data being sent and received from certain DNS addresses.

These are the only current known fixes for the issue. These have been proven to work for some but not everyone. If you find another way around this issue, please let everyone know. (Please make sure to verify with someone else suffering this issue that it works if possible)

Cannot find wonderking.msi:

Your computer cannot find the wonderking.msi file in your temp folder to complete the installation of the game.

  • Uninstall Wonderking and Pando Media Booster via Add/Remove Programs
  • If wonderking is the only nDoors game on your computer, go to My Computer>C:\ and delete the Ndoors folder.
  • If wonderking is NOT the only nDoors game on your computer, go to My Computer>C:\Ndoors and delete the wonderking folder.
  • Reboot your computer
  • Go to CCleaner - Home and download, install and run CCleaner's registry cleaner<
  • Download wonderking from one of the mirrors (Completely skipping pando)
  • Reinstall the newly downloaded installer.

This is the current only found working solution for this error. This has helped most, but not all. If this does not work for you, please create a thread with your system specs and which Wonderking download link you used. Someone will find a fix for this eventually, but until we know the exact cause, we cannot find how to fix it!

Keyboard does not respond to key strokes:

The actual cause is unknown at the moment but seems to affect USB keyboards 99% of the time. The current popular belief is that it is a conflict between your usb keyboard drivers and Wonderking.

Use a PS/2 Keyboard (A standard port keyboard)

Until someone finds the actual cause of this, no one can figure out how to fix it. Any information you have, please use another thread about this and list your keyboard's make and model.

The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running. Check your computer's system information to see whether you need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and then contact the software publisher.

None, Currently Wonderking is not compatible with (most?) 64-bit systems

Hackshield issues:
Falsely Detected hack

The full list of causes of this are currently unknown. The use of any program/application/process that will alter the way the wonderking window looks can and will cause this.

Disable any processes that change the apperance of the wonderking window

Macro detected:

The full scope of the error is unknown, but it may be related to the use of macro enabled keyboards and mouses.

Disable any macro features on your keyboard or mouse if applicable.
Use a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse

Patcher "stalls" on file when patching

Assumed to be a corrupt file due to incomplete download of patch files or file somehow becomes corrupt

search for the file on your computer and delete it and re-patch
  • Go to start>search
  • type in the missing file
  • delete the found file
  • Re-open and patch Wonderking

Or try
  • Go to Hotspot Shield or OpenDNS
  • Follow the instructions from the websites. requires registration for a free user

By other, I mean anything that is not specific to a single thing. Examples of this would be certain graphics not being available or text that is usually in english showing up as jibberish, etc.

Certain files were not read during the launching of wonderking

Run a file check at the patcher screen before pressing "Start"

MuffinMan's guide on running Wonderking on a Mac:

Special thanks to Muffin Man for his guide during Closed Beta IV. This guide is copied and pasted from his guide in closed beta iv. minor typos have been fixed. I take no credit in this guide.

What you'll need:

-Windows Disc (XP, Vista, preferably 7 though)
-Snow Leapord (should have come with the Mac. a CD that says "OSX" on the side)
-Intel Mac
-Free Space


1. Run Boot Camp Assistant. It should be in your Applications folder.
2. Back up your info and Press "next"
3. Make Sure the "windows" has 40 GB of Space when partitioning. Press OK
4. Put in the windows disk and start Installing!
5. Pick your language, Etc. Make sure you install Windows to the bottom most option, and when you click it, click "format" then install.
6. To pick between Windows and Mac when starting your comp, hold "ALT" before the gray screen appears (aka as soon as you pres the power button)
7. When you get to the Windows Desktop, put in your Snow Leapord disk.
8. Follow the Boot Camp Assistant instructions and your done!