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Originally Posted by AzuNyan
Actually there are two types of Tanker build that can deal Damage.

One being The one Noperative said which is going STR and VIT.

The other being VIT and MAG (Using darkstalker skills) as well as being able to heal yourself with the Knight heal skill.
Vit/Mag? Is that a caster type? So does that mean that Darkstalker skills are magic based? Mind sharing a build?

Originally Posted by Noperative
Also note that both tanker builds will have trouble training. STRVIT will have you whacking monsters and burning dura (unless you make new characters and offline possess lol) and the VITMAG will be burning pots for slightly more fun grinding. You'll need to get a reset to go VITMAG though. Also note the importance of druids when you train.

Still, STRAGI+double thrust+delay cancel is pretty good and can tank decently if you put some VIT o3o (20 VIT is plenty when you've got druids around lol)
Well, I like to follow that video on wiki. Where that knight only takes 1 dmg from almost everyone. Sadly, I dont have a druid friend to train with. D: