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Default MMOG Official Trailer HD Project - Deadline Closed

We've already started work on our MMOG Official Trailer and would like you to give us a hand in it. For everyone that wish to participate, it really is quite an easy task.

Basically, we need 'in-game content footage' and we need your help in getting them. Not everyone plays more than one MMORPG's or have multiple games installed on their computer (I know I don't), therefore it would be difficult to get any in-game footage from multiple games but totally achievable and easy if you all help us ^^.

You've all heard of the software 'Fraps'? We will be utilizing this handy tool in getting our footage by recording your in-game actions. There are a few requirements which might filter a few of you out but nevertheless, but do give it a go.

01 - Depending on how powerful your machine is, please try to record on the maximum resolution with 30fps according to your monitor. If you see extreme lag in-game when recording, try using the 'Half Size' setting. If that doesn't work out too well either, then it's best to stop recording rather than push your computer to it's limit D=

02 - You'll obviously need the software, you can use others if you want but fraps is by far the best for recording in-game content. Your in-game footage must not have the Fraps URL watermark at the bottom (which means trial won't work) and the frame rate showing at the top left corner must also be turned off for clean clips. For more information on acquiring a registered version to do this, please PM me.

03 - When you have recorded all your footage please, upload them to Game Downloads, Game Patches - FileFront's service permits unlimited uploads, unlimited downloads, unlimited bandwidth usage, and unlimited storage space so I highly recommend them.

04 - Please only record clips in between 20-30 seconds maximum and 10 seconds minimum and don't compress the clips or convert them in in any way, leave the raw footages as they are and upload them.

05 - Try to record with sound effects on but with BGM (background music) turned off if your game settings allows it. If not, turn all sound off when recording.

I hope as many of you can participate as possible, it will use up some of your monthly usage by uploading these big files but if your clip is used in the trailer, it's an exciting and special thing to be a part of!

I will be downloading all the clips on 13th September (which leaves roughly a bit over 3 weeks for you to record). Whatever game you currently play, that's exactly what we need to show that we are a multiplayer community.

Creative Note: When recording, try to put a director's hat on and if possible (only in a 3d game), take some nice angles with the camera movement so we don't all have straight on clips

Please send me a PM of your uploaded link for me to download when you have uploaded your file/s

We're hoping to have the trailer uploaded to a number of places which will boost our publicity even more! If you have any questions, please ask, we want to make this a successful run to avoid 'short on clips'.

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