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Kudaranai vs Glarbage

This was a simple decision for me; following the bases of graphic design(K.I.S.S(keep it simple, succeed)) Glarbage's was the best; it wasn't at all busy like Kudaranai's, and his use of the castle on the mans back, with reference to a snail is amazing. His choice of colors are also relevant; as the numerous tones of gray and white symbolize a castle; likewise does the text he added; the perfect spelling and grammar, is very relating to a castle's fine, and perfect modeling.

Kudaranai needs to work on making her signature less cluttered; Whilst I can see the caste, I had to look quite hard to find it, and I'm not too sure what the Flowers in the background and the summery feel has to do with a castle, NTL; it's still impressive.

Winner: Glarbage

k0n vs Noperative

First off I'd like to say that both of these signatures are both very unique in their own aspects.

k0n, I like how your signature, does signify a rainbow, and your able to show that through the breath coming out of the girl. The bubbles that signify the rainbow; look simply amazing, and are breath taking, and Whilst I am a male, I will in this occasion say they are beautiful.

I hate to be rude, but your signature doesn't really meet the criteria of "Beauty"; It makes my eyes bleed, and I swear I nearly had a seizure because of the bright colors. This signature would be good in a more anime/vibrant color themed category. NTL, a good entry