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Dook is just really niceDook is just really niceDook is just really niceDook is just really nice
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Although it's almost over, since New Years (after I got my target of 500 completed words) each SV run gives me an average of 25m. Last run got me 36m.

Wanted Board gives me 8m a day.
Phoenix Soul Crystal crafting costs me 23m and can sell for up to 40m.

I used to cheat by selling Perm Merc Rooms because it's better than selling atlas ores in terms of gCoins vs in game gold; despite the fact that they sell much much slower compared to atlas.

However, most people in Sikyon (finally) caught up to this and now Merc Room supplies are in an all-time high and I'm screwed over \o/

Random incomes: Open box >> vulcanus >> sell. Or just open box >> sell. I profit by doing ind101, ind90 solo without JP. Currently I'm JPing Blazing Earth. I'm crossing my fingers for a good turn-out. I've lost count of how many JP licences I've used however. I get 70 CP a day, so I get a divine box every 4 days.